Community Platform


The all-in-one community platform for creators & brands. Bring together engaging courses, discussions, members, live streams, chat, events, and memberships – all in one place, all under your own brand.


Organized, easy to navigate — and fun for your members

Circle has everything you need to run your business, all in one place. That means one log-in for your students’ online courses, live sessions, and real-time chat. Now, they can help those behind them, connect with those alongside them, and learn from those ahead of them.

Design your community areas with space

Create spaces to help members share ideas, get feedback, and host discussions. Use Circle to share your content and post announcements.

Create private & secret spaces for groups

Provide access areas to different groups with private spaces and group chats. Perfect for memberships, coaching groups, course creators, and more.

Rich posts & content

Posts come alive on Circle. Easily add rich formatting, media, emojis, and embed your favorite 3rd-party tools.


Interactive courses, live streams, group chats, & events – so you can actually connect

Go live to hundreds of your members with multiple co-hosts. Pull attendees up on stage with you to chat. Crisp video & audio that just works.

Direct messages and group chats

Spontaneous conversations are easy in Circle. Easily spin up a group chat or send a private message.

Searchable member directory & rich profiles

Make it easier than ever for your members to discover each other, with custom profile fields and search filters.

Event spaces with calendars & RSVPs

Display your community’s upcoming events. Then let your members easily RSVP and add the event to their calendar.


Monetize your community with flexible payments

Your business model needs flexibility. With Circle, you can unlock access to different parts of your community based on the type of community that you run. Great for memberships, coaching, courses, or more.

Flexible subscriptions, one-time payments & more

Offer monthly, quarterly, annual and weekly subscriptions. Charge a one-time fee. Start accepting payments in minutes.

Offer easy up-sells and cross-sells at the moment your customers are ready to buy

Circle gives your students full access into your product suite so they can seamlessly move between courses, events, and the community that ties it all together. Seal the deal with special promotions and free trials.


Easy integrations with your existing tools

Go live to hundreds of your members with multiple co-hosts. Pull attendees up on stage with you to chat. Crisp video & audio that just works.

Thousands of integrations

Circle plays nice with all of your existing tools — it’s what we’re known for. While you likely won’t need to integrate for most of your needs, you will always have the option to with Circle.

Analytics & community insights

With Circle, the pulse of your community is in your hands. Identify your most active members, trends, popular discussions, and more.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Easily unify your external login system with your Circle community to reduce friction and increase engagement.